What Types Of Books Should Kids Read?

If you have a kid, there are certain things  that are more important for their development than others. We all know the basic things, like how important it is for them to explore their surroundings, interact with others, and get constant physical activity.

Those are great and will do wonders for their development. But did you know how important it is to keep your kids mentally stimulated? It could have various benefits for their future.

Now, you may be thinking that this is all covered, that your child’s school   gives priority to their mental development. This is  true, but as caregivers, you can help your children excel at these things at home, making them expand their knowledge and refine their cognitive abilities. And how can you do that? A great way is for your kids to start reading books!

But what type of books are the best? Keep  reading to find out.

1. Picture Books

Why Should Your Kid Read Picture Books?

Picture books help children who are going through the early stages of linguistic development. For example, if your child is just above the age of one, he or she is probably in the holophrastic stage of development.

This is where your kid learns from his or her environment and has a grasp of basic words such as ‘mama’, ‘milk’ and ‘cow. This would soon develop into the two-word stage where your kid now knows that  he can combine two words to simplify a more complex sentence like ‘mama come’ or ‘ juice want’.

This happens at the age of two. And, finally, they reach the telegraphic stage before fluency. This happens usually after age two. Here, the child can form sentences but without complex grammar, like ‘I want come here’.

These stages happen naturally as if scheduled in your child’s biological timeline. However, most caregivers don’t know that they can speed  up this cycle with the introduction of books into their lives. Obviously,  children cannot read fluently when they are so young, but the pictures  in these books will keep them entertained as the parents help read it to them. They will learn to associate the pictures with  the words the parent is saying.

This will not only help your kid become fluent in  a language much sooner, but will also help them learn to read as early as possible, and will expand their vocabulary from a young age.

What Picture Books Should Your Kid Read?

The Rabbit Listened, as well as Charlotte and the Quiet Place  are must-reads if you’re venturing into the realm of picture books.

In The Rabbit Listened, the protagonist, Taylor has  a problem which she can’t seem to solve, and she discusses it with her animal friend. This changes when the rabbit comes along and helps Taylor. How? By listening to her. This teaches kids the importance of listening to the problems of others, and how to be kind  and help one another out.

In terms of Charlotte and the Quiet  Place, the protagonist, Charlotte is tired of the hustle and bustle in her life so she escapes to a quiet place, reveling in its comfort and  peace. Through this story, your child will learn how important it is for them to be by themselves once in a while, focusing on their own mental  well-being.

2. Interactive Story Books

Why Should Your Kid Read Interactive Story Books?

Interactive storybooks are great for all kids, but work wonders for children who happen to be younger.

This is  because the books really help your  kids develop problem-solving and analytical skills. Some books  ask them to do certain things, which involve taking part in activities where they have to ‘clap your hands, ‘touch your nose’, or more famously from the where’s Waldo book, to ‘find Waldo’. This is not only entertaining,  keeping your child constantly thrilled with the activities, but will also boost their cognitive functions as they may be tasked  with exploring their surroundings for an item or solving  a task mentioned in the book itself.

What Participation Books Should Your Kid Read?

One of the most popular suggestions would be Finding Waldo. This has broken into the mainstream and is loved by many for a reason. If you don’t know what this book  is about,  you need to find the main character, ‘Waldo’, as he is hidden in a series of different scenarios throughout the  book. It is quite challenging and even many adults love playing the game.

Through this, kids will  learn problem-solving and how to deal with a challenging situation, and hopefully not give up.

chess for children3. Informative Books

Why should your kid read educational books?

With educational books in a child’s life, they will learn  many new things about the world. This will increase their knowledge,  and help them develop an interest in the topics that they happen to read about.

With this passion for learning from a young age, they will soon explore various new avenues  as they get older, allowing them to possibly excel in different fields. Who knows? They could become a Nobel Prize winner, or a future Olympic  star.

What Educational Books Should your kid read?

The books should be specific depending on what interests the child seems to have. If they seem to  be more passionate about  the scientific side of things, then a child’s encyclopedia would be great as it covers all the information they would need to  develop their interest.

stuard little4. Story Books

Why Should Your Kid Read Story Books?

Of course, your child also needs storybooks in their life.  This is because they are classics that  people of any age would find entertaining and enjoyable.

It will  help develop your child’s imagination,  and absorb them in a world of fantasy that they can explore. Obviously, this is quite thrilling and will keep them occupied in their free time, but will help develop their literacy skills and grammar as well.

What Story Books Should your kid read?

If you’re wondering what storybooks your child should read, there are so many out there and they all do the job! It entirely depends on what you think your little one might love.

However, a great recommendation would be the Harry Potter series as these books  will keep your kid entranced with the magical world that is Hogwarts and show them the ups and downs of friendships and other life struggles that Harry, Ron and Hermione  face in the series.

These are some book recommendations for kids that you can’t go wrong with. What do you think?

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