Books Not Showing Up On Kindle Paperwhite

Technology can act up. This is natural and happens to all electronic devices at some point. This is true for even your beloved Kindle, which is why you’re probably reading this article. There have been numerous instances where  Kindle has acted up  causing many unsatisfied users to post their complaints on tech forums. However, there are many solutions to these problems, and at most, these are merely just glitches—not anything serious.

With this in mind, let’s tackle one of  Kindle’s most  critical issues; your books not showing up on the Kindle Paperwhite. Read ahead to find out why this keeps happening, and solutions that will hopefully rid you of these annoying problems.

Reasons why books are not showing up on your Kindle Paperwhite:

1. Don’t Panic! It Might Be Just A Glitch

All electronic devices are bound to glitch at some point. So, your Kindle may have done this as well. If your books are gone from your library, you should not resort to panicking. You should try turning your device off, so that hopefully by the time it turns back on, all your books will be back in place!

2. Maybe Your Device Is Outdated?

Firstly, your Kindle may be running software that is outdated. If this is so, you cannot access books that you have in your library. As you guessed it, the solution is quite easy and should remedy this problem at hand: connect to the internet, and make sure your paperwhite gets the necessary software update.

Fortunately, this is quite common and most of the time, people who complain about not being able to access the books in their library  had this  particular issue.

Now that we have that covered, let’s move onto more trickier problems that your paperwhite may be  facing.

3. Is It Possible That It’s Not Compatible With Your Kindle?

A blunder that many of us make is not checking if the book we downloaded is actually compatible with our Kindle. If you decide to go  on Amazon and look for a book, you would see  a list of compatible devices at the bottom  onto which you would be able to download the book. If you ignore this and try and download it anyway, you may be disappointed.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to fix this issue as you can imagine. So, make sure to go through the devices that are compatible when you’re scrolling through books to download on Amazon.

However, users seem to report that this issue still shows up even if the book they downloaded is compatible with their device. There are numerous solutions  to this problem. Some of these are:

  • Press the On/Off button for 40 seconds, which would cause Kindle to hard reset. You could alternatively hold it in until you see a screen showing a boy underneath an apple tree
  • Turn your device’s flight mode on for 15 seconds, then disable this
  • Completely disconnect your Wifi, removing all the log in details, then configure it back onto your device
  • Try to manually download the books through Cloud
  • Log off, then log back in
  • Check if whisper sync is on or off.

4. Could It Be Possible That You Accidentally Deleted Your Books?

This happens to the best of us.  We accidentally delete the books on our Kindles, and later become confused, wondering where they all went. Thankfully for you, this issue has quite an easy fix and shouldn’t be a problem. Let’s get started.

So, you should be happy to know that all the content on your Kindle is backed up. To restore it, all you need to do is to login into Amazon through your computer. Once you’re logged in, you need to  go to the site’s settings. First of all, click the ‘Kindle’ section, then proceed to click on the ‘manage my kindle’ option that should be present on the top of the screen. Once you click this, you would be taken to a list of all the books you’ve ever downloaded. Click on each book that you would like to download back into your kindle. And… voila!

Hopefully, you did not clear your device’s archive as this would make restoring all your books impossible. And frankly, this  cannot be done by accident, so unless someone willingly meddled with your kindle paperwhite, you would not have to deal with this very troublesome problem.

You could avoid all of this by manually uploading each of the books from your paperwhite on to a device such as your computer. This can be done by connecting your Kindle to your computer through a USB cable, then accessing the ‘my computer’ icon, finally transferring the files onto it.


Hopefully, the points mentioned above helped you with your struggles  on Kindle. It’s an amazing device and it is a shame if you experience any difficulties with it.

If the problems still persist and this article did not help, your best bet is to call the customer service at Amazon. Don’t be shy.

Have fun, get to reading!

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