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Short Story Word Count

Creating your own short story shouldn’t be a task that you find too difficult and it shouldn’t be that long.How long should a short story be? We will answer that below.

It’s exciting, and you probably know how  fun it can be to get your thoughts and ideas on paper, which is why you’re here.  If you find it tough to write your own short story, that’s alright. Everyone needs to start from somewhere.

Hopefully, once  you’re done reading this article, you’ll find  it easier than ever! We’ll be discussing everything you need to know if you want to venture into the world of short story  writing. Let’s get this guide going!

How Long Should The Short Story Be?

The length of your story is very important. If you’re wondering ‘how long should a short story be? see below.

The number of words in a short story should reach the 1.000-10.000 word count. This is the ideal length of a short story.

If you exceed this limit then your story won’t be so short. And, no one likes reading anything that is long so make sure that you  keep it short and sweet and avoid unnecessary descriptions. To avoid this, keep in mind how many words you’re  using in each sentence. Make it a mix of short and long ones.

In general, the paragraphs should not be on the long side. If you can’t decide, make the average length of each paragraph around six lines.

You’ll get the hang of it! Keep on practicing, making as many drafts as you need to.

Where Do You Get The Inspiration From?

If you want to pen your own short story, you need to first get inspiration for what you will base your story  on. If you already have  an idea, that’s great. But if  that’s not the case, all you need to do is to take a look at your surroundings.

For example, you could be outside with your pen and paper when you see  a group of ants walking in a line through the grass with food on their backs. You can weave this minute detail into the plot of your story. Think about the world of the insects, personifying them as characters and write about their hardships.

See! There are many ways you could draw inspiration for your story. It doesn’t just have to be about observing your environment, but also through reading. Many authors say that their stories only came to be because they were inspired by the events or the storyline of another famous book. This could be you too.

Questions Answers
How many chapters should a short story have? None. Short stories are too short for chapters. There are exceptions however (novellas with chapters).
How many pages does a short story have? You can have a one page short story if you want. Or you can make it more pages but don’t have more than 10.000 words.
How short can short stories be? You should make it at least 1000 words long.
How many characters does a short story have? A short story should have 1000-10000 words. An average English word has 6 characters. That means that a short story should be 6000-60000 characters long.

Are There Any Short Stories For Kids?

Of course. I like this website. They give you the option to print the stories if you want to.

Is It Better If My Short Story Is Longer?

I remember in school, we always had to write stories. The longer your story, the better it was. However this is not the case here.

Longer is not always better. Your short story should be interesting to the reader.

I’ve read countless short stories that were great and ….uhm…. short.