How to do voice impressions

Voice impressions are great! They’re also really fun, and a great way to get a reaction out of the people around you. It’s also a great way to explore different voices and characters, and to improve your own vocal range and delivery. The key to a good voice impression is to be entertaining, and at … Read more

What Types Of Books Should Kids Read?

what are Quadruplets

If you have a kid, there are certain things  that are more important for their development than others. We all know the basic things, like how important it is for them to explore their surroundings, interact with others, and get constant physical activity. Those are great and will do wonders for their development. But did … Read more

Books Not Showing Up On Kindle Paperwhite


Technology can act up. This is natural and happens to all electronic devices at some point. This is true for even your beloved Kindle, which is why you’re probably reading this article. There have been numerous instances where  Kindle has acted up  causing many unsatisfied users to post their complaints on tech forums. However, there … Read more

Good Books To Help Teach Your Kids Chess

chess for kids

Chess is a great game that more people should get into. A lot of us  love how intellectually stimulating it is, and honestly, that feels amazing! If your kid is trying to learn more about it, hoping to become the next best chess player, that’s great. Or if they’re trying to just learn about the … Read more

How Many Pages Are In Children’s Books

childrens books

Are you considering writing or illustrating a children’s book? Or, perhaps, you are a parent who is curious about how children’s books are designed. If so, there is a good chance that you are suddenly realizing that there is quite a bit that you don’t know about this literature category. After all, much of your … Read more

Bible Movies for Kids


Reading the bible with children can certainly help to teach them about religion and faith. Still, many youngsters may struggle to grapple with the stories and concepts that they have heard about. This is where biblical movies come in. Movies are more vibrant and can really bring a story to life, particularly with younger movies. … Read more


kid alone in car

Backstory of this website. Since 2007 Mackenzie and her brothers, Alex and Benjamin have been collecting women and children’s books and donating them to homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters and residental treatment centers that house children..  As of March 2015,  the 3 siblings hav delivered over 360,000 books to the various shelters across the US. … Read more