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Why are books important for children

Children’s books have a positive effect on children’s development in many ways and are so much fun and fun! Here we would like to explain to you why children’s books are so useful and important from our point of view.

Children’s books for the little ones
Books for children of kindergarten and preschool age
Children’s books for first-time readers and schoolchildren
Children’s books for reading professionals
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Children’s books for the little ones

Babies and toddlers explore the world at any moment. They continuously get to know new people, animals, objects and connections. Books for babies can positively support this fast-paced learning process.

For example, with soft crackling books made of fabric, which stimulate several senses in babies. The cuddly pages invite you to grab and feel immediately and the pictures would of course like to be admired. And when the pages crackle while grasping, or the first words are read aloud, it sounds wonderfully interesting to the ears.

Even small buggy drivers like to have their first reading with them to get to know new things and to rediscover things. How good that buggy books can’t be easily lost by the attached tape when things get faster.

Books for babies made of sturdy hard board are great for the little hands of children from one year of age. With robust sides and rounded edges, cardboard picture books are optimally adapted to the needs of young children. Often cardboard books also have exciting flaps or funny elements for pushing, turning, pulling out or feeling. This is not only fun, but is also good for training fine motor skills. Also peephole books, sensory books, rattle books or books made of felt help children to get to know the world with several senses.
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Books for children of kindergarten and preschool age

With the attendance of the kindergarten or the preschool, a new phase of life begins for children. During this phase of life, children continuously develop their skills, knowledge and behaviour.

In kindergarten and preschool, parents are no longer in the immediate vicinity and the little ones become more independent by the day. Instead of the usual reading of mum and dad, a children’s book is now taken off the shelf.

In doing so, children can discover the wonderful possibility of looking beyond their own radius with books and understanding previously foreign connections. Children’s books stimulate the children’s imagination and let the little ones immerse themselves in magical worlds. Children’s books enchant, explain the world and broaden your horizons. But it is not only in kindergarten or preschool that children should get in touch with books. Even at home in the familiar surroundings, it is best to have many varied children’s books. They are suitable for assistance in new and unknown situations. Spend the first time with grandma and grandpa, the first visit to the pediatrician or when a little sibling is on the way – upcoming changes or new situations can be visually illustrated with picture books and thus explained great. In addition, children’s books can also help to identify important rules of conduct. For example, how to cross a road safely or why you are not allowed to go with strangers.

Even after your own childhood, one still fondly remembers the evening reading. It’s a magical ritual when mum or dad read a good night’s story before bedtime. With one last story before bed, peace returns to the children’s room. The reading ritual creates space for good dreams full of fantasy and adventure.

Children’s books for first-time readers and schoolchildren

Most children rejoice when they are finally old enough to go to school. Of course, there are also some challenges waiting for the little ones: learning to read, write and arithmetic is not always a breeze. In order to preserve the joy of school, the learning progress of the offspring should be actively supported with books.

Children’s books for first-time readers are ideal for practicing self-reading due to their short text length, large font and clear text structure. Exciting and child-friendly topics provide the necessary variety. Age-appropriate non-fiction books or funny practice books and blocks can also help with learning through a playful way. In this way, children not only learn something new, but also have a lot of fun with it.

A little tip to make reading palatable to children: Read a captivating story to your child and stop when it’s most exciting. Children really want to know what’s going on and use the book to read the story. Children discover that books are great, because books offer countless opportunities for employment. Whether reading, painting, crafting, stickers or puzzles – children can get creative with books and immerse themselves in new colorful worlds.
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Children’s books for reading professionals

As soon as the independent reading works well, the small reading professionals can start with larger texts and exciting topics. In addition, books for reading professionals tell of great and child-friendly stories. Reading is not only fun, it also promotes the ability to concentrate, the imagination and the logical thinking. This is important for the further development of the children and they will have it many times easier in later life in many situations.

Learning books can also be helpful to reading professionals in everyday school life. Interesting non-fiction books or the solving of exciting puzzles playfully promote the learning progress of the children. In addition, books help the children to have moments of rest and relaxation. This makes books the darlings of children.

Let your child choose which are their favorite books. These can be exciting stories about adventurers, fantasy stories where they immerse themselves in a whole new world, or nonfiction books that will allow you to acquire more knowledge. When children choose their own books, they get a positive approach to them. After all, they want to know the books and book characters that are also popular with the other children.
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