/Best books for nursing students to read

Best books for nursing students to read

There are some standard works in nursing, which are also often used for training. I present these here and also give an overview of other supplementary literature.

So if you’re looking for a book for school, you’ve come to the right place. Right at the beginning, the two large reference works are presented.

Particularly exciting for already professionals are the recommendations for further textbooks in this article.

Here you will find the Amazon bestsellers on the topic of basics of care*, which are for the most part, real standard works.
Reference books for training

So if you are just starting your training as a health and nurse, the question now naturally arises as to which book to buy. In some schools, the book to be purchased is given and others are allowed to decide for themselves. In both cases, however, I advise you to look at the following two options and, if necessary, buy another one for learning. From my own experience, I know that some people are better able to cope with the other and the others better with the other, which is why it is really worth taking a closer look at it first. That is why I presented the two books in the books section. Click here to go directly to Thieme’s care or care today. First of all, both books are very good and recommendable!
Basics of nursing training

Most nursing schools use one of the great reference books, Thieme’s Nursing or Nursing Today. Both works offer the basics of nursing training and are almost identical according to their own tastes.
The matching anatomy books

Each of these two books includes an anatomy reference work. This serves as an expanding textbook in addition to the nursing books. The corresponding anatomy book for Thieme’s care is: Man – Anatomy and Physiology. At Care Today it is the book: Biology Anatomy Physiology.
Specialist books Recommendations

Here is a small list of great books that are only recommended. The Amazon reviews of these books are also very good.