Bible Movies for Kids

Reading the bible with children can certainly help to teach them about religion and faith. Still, many youngsters may struggle to grapple with the stories and concepts that they have heard about. This is where biblical movies come in.

Movies are more vibrant and can really bring a story to life, particularly with younger movies. Of course, you do have to be careful about which bible movie you choose to watch with your youngsters. After all, not all of them are created equal and there are many that aren’t even biblically accurate.

To see which movies will really do justice as some of the best bible story movies for kids, keep reading.

Best Bible Movies For Kids

1. Jonah: A Veggie Tale’s Movie

This movie attempts to stay as close to the story of Jonah while also keeping the kids entertained. It manages to do both of these things. While this story can seem harrowing at times, the Veggie Tale’s version is greatly sanitized and the main characters are rarely in any real danger.

The movie is quite funny and both children and adults alike will be able to appreciate the jokes. In addition to the retelling of the biblical story, the movie does hold several moral messages as well. This particular movie can be rather long so it is best for children who are five years and older.



2. The Prince of Egypt

While the Prince of Egypt does take a few dramatic, creative liberties with the story, it is accurate for the most part.

It tells the story of Moses, his upbringing, and the choices that he had to make in leading his people out of Egypt. The animation is excellent, the plotline clear, and it is interesting enough to keep all children hooked.

It should be noted that the movie remains true to some of the more violent and upsetting themes in the story. Therefore, certain children may be afraid of the content so adult supervision is advised. All in all, though, this is a movie that continues to be a favorite almost two decades after it was made!


3. Young Abraham

In case you are looking for some lighter fare for your children, Young Abraham would be the perfect movie. It tells the story of Abraham, the first man to be described as a prophet by the bible. The movie follows Abraham as he tries to get his fellow countrymen to stop worshipping idols and to look to God instead.

What really stands out about this movie is the funny, witty dialogue. It makes it that much more appealing for children. The plotline has also been constructed in such a way that kids can follow it without too much of trouble.


4. The Miracle Maker: The Story of Jesus

As the name suggests, this movie follows the life of Jesus, with a focus on some of the major events during his lifetime. This includes his teachings and some of the more famous miracles that he performed. The movie continues beyond Jesus’ crucifixion as well.

This is a Claymation movie and is beautifully detailed. One of the reasons that it is suitable for older audiences is because it can help to have previous knowledge about the life of Jesus. This will make the movie easier to follow. Also, while the crucifixion isn’t graphically depicted, it can still be upsetting to some.


5. The Nativity Story

As the name suggests, this movie revolves around Mary finding out that she is carrying the Son of God. It depicts her and Joseph travelling through perilous conditions to get to Bethlehem. The movie also focuses on the birth of Jesus as well.

This is a more serious take on the movie that people know so well. Nonetheless, it is a more accurate depiction as well, with a positive message attached to it at the end. It is due to these factors that the story is much more likely to be appreciated by slightly older children, perhaps of ages ten and upwards.


Bible Movies for Small Children (under 5):  It can be tricky to find biblical movies to keep very young children occupied. This is because many of the topics that are being discussed go over their head. However, there is one movie that may appeal to this young audience – Jonah: A Veggie Tale’s Movie.

Top Animated Bible Movies for Kids Ages 5-10: Children between the ages of five and ten may not be overly impressed by live-action movies. This is especially true for those with biblical themes. Kids within this age can’t really appreciate the historical accuracy or visual elements of these films. Due to this, above are some of the top bible cartoon movies for kids.

Bible Movies for Older Kids:  There is no denying that many bible stories have rather heavy themes. On top of this, they also have quite a bit of violence and disturbing imagery. This is why many of the movies based on the bible are most suitable for older kids.

Best Easter Movie for Kids

Easter is one of the most celebrated holidays around the world. Unfortunately, the true message of Easter has become more and more commercialized over the years. So, while there may be plenty of themed movies around the time of these holidays, there are fewer biblical versions. However, one of the top bible Easter movies for kids is The Greatest Adventures of the Bible: The Easter Story.

The Greatest Adventures of the Bible: The Easter Story

The story begins with Jesus coming into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. It soon moves onto the betrayal, arrest, and finally the crucifixion of Jesus. Of course, this isn’t the main focus of the movie which also goes onto tell of the resurrection of the Savior as well.

The animated movie is suitable for a wide variety of ages. The vibrancy and the simplicity of the story lines make it easy enough for most kids to follow it. Naturally, previous knowledge about the story will help a great deal.

These are the best bible movies for kids. So, if you are trying to get your kids to understand important bible stories better, these are the titles that you should turn to. They will then be able to watch the gospel in a format that is easier for them to understand.


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