Backstory of this website.

Since 2007 Mackenzie and her brothers, Alex and Benjamin have been collecting women and children’s books and donating them to homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters and residental treatment centers that house children..  As of March 2015,  the 3 siblings hav delivered over 360,000 books to the various shelters across the US.

A recent study predicts that 1 in 50 children in the US will be homeless at sometime in their life.  Many of them will end up in a shelter often with just the clothes on their backs.

Mackenzie started this book drive after learning about a residental treatment center that was building a library.  She decided to donate books they no longer needed to help these children.  Then she asked friends and neighbors if they had books to donate, and the book drive took off from there.  Sheltering Books now receives books from people across the country. Mackenzie, Alex and Benjamin regularly attend homeless events and meals to set up tables full of books for the kids attending to select all the books they would like.

Unfortunately their project stopped in 2019.

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